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Mini-Roller Coster on the road(Busan)

Ah finally, I arrived at Busan!! I could smell Busan wind now, fresh wind with the smell of the salt sea, and I could hear the sound of the waves far behind. I took a big breath and told myself like this. In fact, I was just kidding with myself. I smelled and heard nothing, but I believed man could enjoy himself alone as long as he knew this know-how. The solo journey started from here.

I saw Busan Tower in the view, so I could walk toward it directly without a map. Busan roads are up and down the hills(similar to roads near my house. I don’t like it at all. It’s tough to ride a bike). It took me about 25mn to reach the top of Busan Tower hill. But what a surprised, when I reached there, I saw no one but a few locals. Was it too early in the morning? I watched my time; it was nearly 11:00am. It was so peace and quite, and the weather was so cold. I walked down to the Yongdusan Park in front of it. There were many grandpas gathering and playing chess together. I thought they were more interesting than the stone tower behind me. I would have joined with them if I had known how to play. I found a seat nearby and read my guide book what to do next. A little bit later. few visitors started coming, but it was a time for me to leave because my stomach was singing. I went down toward a market. My guide book said there was a street food nearby, so I decided to go there. I love street food so much because it is delicious and cheap. We can choose this one, that one and then eat while walking. I was excited every time I thought about it, but finally, when I arrived here I couldn’t do it as I had planned. I didn’t know how to buy it. Oh no, I knew it was so easy, just sat down and pointed what we want to eat….and when ready, put it into the mouth. But I wasn’t brave to sit down. I didn’t dare to sit down at that street food. My lunch was ended up with a tasteless crispy rice.

It was about 2 when I left the markets. I wanted to go to Taejongdae cliff, but to go there, I had to take a bus 181 at Busan Station. I really didn’t know how to use a bus here. Everything was written in Korean. My guide book wrote it costed 600 won to go there by bus. While I waited for my bus, I saw most people use card when taking on it, and then I saw one boy holding 2 pieces of 1000 won note. He put them into the money box and then a lot of small coins came out. A little bit later my bus came. I stood at the back of the row. All the people used card except me using money. I put my 1000 won note in the money box, but change didn’t come out. I was surprised because my fare was only 600 won, but now I put 1000 won in it. A red face driver looked at the money box and turned to look at me with his big eyes. I was stuck there. I didn’t know what I should do. I thought maybe the machine failed to read my money. I wanted to tell him I already put money in it, but he wouldn’t understand me. Then, the bus driver said to me quietly, “Tho leave”. “To leave, what?” I was shocked. I already put money in it. He wanted me to get out of the bus. Why? I didn’t understand. Or I did sth wrong, or a foreigner couldn’t ride on this bus,…a lot of crazy ideas came to my head. He said again, ” To leave”. I had no idea. Maybe I had to leave. But before that I tried again I pull out one 1000 won note and showed him. I thought that maybe money machine didn’t read my money, so I could put it again. Suddenly, the driver nodded his head and raised 2 finger hand to me. Ah I understood him. He meant I had to put 2 notes in it. In fact, not ” to leave”, but ” Two leaves”. I was confused with his words. I got it. Thanks god…. I was relieved, I needn’t got out of the bus. I put another note in it, and then a lot of changes came out as what I saw a little boy had done it. The bus fare was 1200 won, different from what my guide book wrote.

As I was about to find a seat to sit, the bus started rolling its wheels aggressively. I could slide if I didn’t hold an iron bar on time. The bus here was terrible… It seemed as if I wasn’t riding on a bus but a roller coster on the road. The bus turned left, turned right sharply as if it had run alone in the street. It was much worse than the shaking ferry I took. I got a headache. I wouldn’t believe there are such buses in this world if I didn’t tried it. I wondered how the elderly took this crazy bus…

My guidebook said that it took about 1 hours from Busan Station to the Taejongdae cliff, a beautiful cliff by the sea. I watched my clock. It was already nearly 1 hour but so far, I hadn’t seen the sea yet. I felt the bus was running to the end of road because the bus which was packed with full of people, became only 3 including the driver. In such a situation, what would you do? Please tell me? Of course, I ran to another man and asked him by showing my guidebook… He said sth a lot to me with shaking his head and hands. I didn’t understand him, but sure I knew I was lost now… He pointed his finger far to another side…  The last stop now… and he had to get down. I wanted to follow him, but he raised his hand to stop me. He meant me to stay in the bus, and then he said loudly with the driver. I went to show the driver the cliff I wanted to go,… He nodded and pointed to the seat for me to sit down without speaking anything to me…… The bus started turning around and drove on the same road.

Ah god, I got it. I rode on the right bus but to opposite direction. The place I wanted to go was at the opposite of this bus route. Terribly, 1 hour trip became 3 hours, and in this horrible roller coster. Say no more!!

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