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Departure Time

I have been waiting for this day for 4 months with excitement, nervousness, and worry. Now here it comes, and I still feel the same. I really don’t know what I will do during this 1 month ahead, what will happen to me, but what I should do now is to believe I’m not wrong to choose to be alone. “You’re great. You’ll get a good experience in life”, some of my friends said to me while some, “That’s so lonely. I wouldn’t rather do it; Be careful, dude”, “But why do you decide to travel alone?”, there comes repeated questions from ones to ones.

“I don’t know… I have never ever had an idea about it even a little bit before”.

One day I went to the library. I found one book 深夜特急(Midnight Express) written by Sawaki Koutarou. This book is talking about his journey from New Delhi to London by Bus, but because during that time there was no direct plane from Japan to India, so he decided to go to Hong kong and traveled down to Southeast Asia, and then went up to India, Pakistan…. At the middle of the way, he just found that there were no reasons why he had to be there. But, he still kept continuing without turning back. I also didn’t understand why I kept following him until his final book, but as I read page by page of his moment, I felt I was traveling with him in fear and fervor.

One day while I was reading that book on the bus, one man said to me in surprising tone. I just found that he also read the book I was holding 5, 6 years ago. He told me that he followed Koutarou…. He decided to travel to East Asia and Southeast Asia alone. What’s an envy of him, I thought. “But why didn’t I try it myself?”, that came an idea. Koutarou could do it 30 years ago; another man also could make it, so it is also possible for me. Everything was by chance, but from tomorrow on, I will control this chance by myself. Hope I can find a safe way back home (But it will be ok, I believe. These days are safer than 30 years ago. Not only Koutarou but thousands of man and woman are doing this solo travel each day, and I hear they enjoy the same result!).

Bye, bye,… see you again next month, and I will write down of every moment I have during this trip.


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