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Disneyland… :)

After spending a happy time at Disneysea, I started thinking of going to Disneyland during my break after the exams. I planned to backpack abroad alone in Spring holiday( :)take a advantageous journey I wished since I was young), so I decided not to ask any friends to go with me. I just wanted to learn how to get fun although I was alone, played alone. All of my friends said to me it was so lonely(I think so), how I could go there alone. I just smiled, actually.

Disneyland is similar to Disneysea, of course, but I prefer Disneysea more. Maybe I had been to Disneysea first, and I saw most things already there, and that`s why I wasn’t surprised anymore when I went to Disneyland. The dance show of disney movie’s character was so amazing! I knew all of its character (since I’m a fan of disney animate movie, lolz). I enjoyed most of its attractions except Captain EO performed by michael jackson. I thought the video was too old(Maybe since 20 or can 30 years ago,…hahaha(Just kidding)). Mickey’s Philhar Magic was the best. It was about a short 4D video of 5 or 6 disney movies’ characters. Also, Its Haunted Mansion was really cute. Nothing was frightening; I loved its ghosts so much, lol…. I also loved It’s A Small World, loved its music.

But, Space Mountain is a tour to a space and should be a place enjoy seeing stars, galaxies, but surprisingly, it was a speed roller coaster. I couldn’t see anything…. it was too fast to see, I guess (But most of the time I closed my eyes).

Conclusion: Yeah, I believed I could enjoy my day although traveling alone… Waiting for my backpacking to East Asia (alone)! :p

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