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The highest point of Japan(Mount Fuji)

I was eating lunch at cafeteria when one of my friends asked me to join a trip to Fujisan with him. “That`s a great idea”, I replied, but “when?”. “Tomorrow!!”, he replied. “Tomorrow?” But I prepared nothing.

I packed my sack with clothes, a little food(I thought there must be something selling there). Our target was to see the sunrise in the morning at the top of the mount. Thus, we had to start climbing at night 8:00p.m. We prepared nothing, and it was also my 1st time to climb a high mountain, so I didn’t know much what to prepare, what to handle in advance besides bringing headache pills. My group of 3 people had only 1 light to lighten our path to the top of the mount(it was so dark but the sky and stars were so beautiful. You will see more beautiful sky when you are at a higher place). As we went higher, it became colder (actually, it was in summer; it was hot at the bottom). We found it hard to breathe (there was so no much oxygen as we climbed higher), so we easily got tired.

We could see the peak, but although we climbed and climbed, it seemed we stayed still. We stopped, we continued, we took a break, and we continued again and again. No water and our food was eaten all(too little food I brought…not enough for only 1 person). I just thought I might have died here (freeze to death). Water there was expensive. 1 bottle of water costed me 500 yen (6$), but yeah, at least, we wouldn’t die of┬áthirsty(Money can sometimes lose its value comparing things we need the most, I guess). We reached 8 stage of the mount (10 stage was the top) while we lost all strength to continue.

So, we decided to go to ask the pub(there were only 1 or 2 pubs at 1 stage for resting) whether there were guesthouse’s rooms inside. Yeah, there were, but it costed 5000yen (60$) a night for a person without a proper bed(I started thinking…. sometimes money can also be a best deal). One night in an uncomfortable bed for 60$ was not a suitable price. Therefore, I decided to joined other groups sleeping outside the pub. It was colder, colder……as I fell asleep deeply on the ground unconsciously(maybe cos I was exhausted:(). As I woke up (it was at 4:00) when I saw I stayed alone,….where were others? I got up quickly looking for my friends. They went to stay near the pub. One of them got a terrible headache. Yeah, in such a condition, no one could help another besides taking a pill and trying to take a rest.

Our goal failed. I couldn’t manage to see the sunrise at the top, so we just stayed at 8 stage and saw the sunrise.

After seeing it,…it continued to the top. But this time we climbed scatteredly cos we took a rest at different speed, time. Terribly, my phone’s battery ran out of (I couldn’t contact them). What should I do? I had only to reach a top gate of the mount and waited for them there (I thought there was no other choices).

Eventually, I reached the peak (Hello Fujisan, I won’t lose you, guy!!)…. 2 of them followed me a hour later.

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