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Same but Different (Tokyo)

I waited for my bus to the station as usual. I took the same bus running on the same road, but this time I felt as what I never did. Bus seemed to be so slow although it was on schedule. I wouldn’t tell you I kept looking at my watch most of the time. People passing by seemed to look at me again and again. They looked at my face and then at my big backpack behind… Hah, do you think everything was just my thought alone? In fact, I just took a strong notice on myself in the way I had never done, and then I thought as if everyone did it to me.

It was my fifth time I took a night bus, but this time I did it alone. I felt so uneasy as I waited for my bus to come. It was a really cold night at Shinjuku.

One man came on the bus and he looked at the seat beside me. He bowed as greeting to me, so I did it back to him. We didn’t speak anything to each other. I thought he looked like to one of my friends.

On The Way

It was showering outside with a cold wind, but the heater inside the bus overturned, I guess. It was not warm but hot. I could hear somebody murmured, “That’s so hot”. I also couldn’t stand with such a temperature. Imagine how you wear your clothes in the winter and get on the bus overheated. I was sweated everywhere although I took off my jacket. It was as if we had stayed under the sun in the summer. I couldn’t close my eyes. I couldn’t get into sleep. My head started hurting and my body was itchy.[…] One night had gone.

It was already morning when I opened my eyes again. I really had a bad night sleep on the bus. I heard my seat fellow prepared his luggage to take off at Kyoto Station. He left without saying a word of goodbye. I would be the same if I were him. People nowadays started being unfriendly, I guess. It is a tend of society. I also got this influence. People who meet me at the first sight may find I’m an unfriendly guy. I talk less, smile less, but in fact, I really want to show it out. I want to speak more and smile to ones in front of me. Change everything I had now.

I took off at 2 bus stations later at USJ. Right, my first vacation place was USJ (Universal Studio of Japan)

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