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Choosing (Osaka)

Tsūtenkaku, south side

Tsūtenkaku, south side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a tiring day, but I loved it so much. USJ made me feel I never did like other theme parks. I felt I was not lonely although I was alone again. I remembered I was so lonely when I had been to Disneyland alone. It seemed like I usually do something alone, go somewhere alone. Do you think I`m a strange person to be that? Since I was young, I usu do most of my tasks alone. Speaking in a good word, I have grown up to be independent, but actually, I don’t prefer it if I can find my accompany. I might be happier if my friends would like to join with me (I think).

It was 7:00 when I left USJ. The next step, I tried to find as cheap hostel as I could. In Osaka, it might not be difficult to find a cheap accommodation like other cities in Japan. Probably, Osaka is a busy city where there are a lot of travelers and backpackers in and out. My hostel was near Shinimamiya Station and Spa world was in front of it. I could see Tsutenkaku Tower from the street near my hostel. The view wasn’t bad, I though. I felt happiness every time I saw this beautiful tower. I love it much more than the famous Tokyo Tower. My hostel room was 1500Yen (19$) a night. The price was perfect. I couldn’t find a cheaper price than this (laughing). I stayed here for only one night because tomorrow I would leave to Busan (South Korea).

I chose to go to Busan by ferry rather than by plane. It was not because it was cheap, but I wanted my trip to become more different, more adventurous. I wanted to try every taste of life. My friends asked me why I wouldn’t go by plane, but I answered why we wouldn’t try a ferry. Actually, to travel between Japan and South Korea, the plane is the best option, since it is fast, cheap, and comfortable. But, what would you choose if you had 2 choices? Plane which was fast, comfortable or ferry which you never tried? I decided to choose ferry. It wasn’t cheap. It was nearly 200$ for 1 way, and we had to spend one night in it. That was fine to me, because I had a plenty of time for this journey^^. Let’s take on the ferry with me; I still didn’t know yet what wanna happens there? I heard that it was not comfortable at all on the ferry, we could be seasick… Let’s see if we are alright??

I waited for my bus to the ferry terminal in front of Cosmosquare Station in the morning. The sign said bus going there was from 12:45p.m, but now it was just only 11:00. Oh god, I couldn’t wait here for 2 hours. It was not far from here to the terminal, maybe it took 12mn walking, but I didn’t think it was a good idea because I had a big load behind. It was really heavy. It was my first time to backpack and to carry such a big bag. Did it look awesome? I waited for a while when suddenly there came a group of 4 Korean tourists. They were also waiting for a bus. Hah, then there must be bus running through here to the terminal … I needn’t walk. About 10mn, the bus actually came.

Wow, I was surprised to see my ferry. It needed repainting(hahaa..). It was completely different from the image on the website, but that was fine, since I wasn’t a person who demanded things much… Ah tonight I would sleep in this old ferry. My journey was just a beginning!!

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