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Children Around You

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Lipdub 300 Cambodian Kids from the learning foundation

As I watched a video made by Jean-Luc NGUYEN about 300 Cambodian kids, performing at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodian, I was really touched. They had only one day to rehearse and make that video. It was tough, but they could make it. Congratulate to them! It was a small shot, but to them, to me, it was greater than describing (love it so much). Most of those children are so poor that they (their parents) cannot afford to buy a camera. Therefore, they never see themselves in video or picture. After a shot of their performance, they were surprised and laughed loudly when seeing themselves in video. I was laughing with them :)!!

After seeing this video, I really want to go to Siem Reap and volunteered to help those children (My children). If you go to Siem Reap, don’t forget to visit them, and if you have time, it will be a great experience to spend your time with them. 🙂

Jean-Luc NGUYEN also runs a project of buying glasses for Cambodia kids. I support this project, and want to help those Kid. I also donated it.  Those kids are poor, but what inside them is not poor. I get encouragement as I see their smile. They have taught me how to smile….(seeing my volunteering with Cambodian children!)

Go to Jean-Luc NGUYEN if you want to donate:

Categories: Cambodia | Tags: , | 2 Comments

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