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Disneysea at Christmas

I hardly decided which Disney Resort I should go first (Disneysea or Disneyland). Sure, I will go to both of them if I have enough time. You may have heard about Disneyland (US, Hong Kong, and France), but here in Japan there is also Disneysea. Disneysea has the same facilities like Disneyland, but it is designed much for Adults while Disneyland focus much on children.

Thus, I decided to go Disneysea first. As I arrived its gate, I saw a globe like at Universal Studio. Which designed it first(I doubted)? But I prefer one of Universal Studio, lol.

As I and my friend entered, We went through Fortress Explorations at Mediterranean Harbor. There were so many attractions that we didn`t know which one we should do or see first, but we spent a whole day in it, so no problem, we would be able to see it all, I guessed. As it was our first time in this theme park, we didn`t know how to do with FASTPASS service. In fact, Fastpass service can allow us to enter its attraction without queuing up in a boring long line, but we have to wait for 2 to 3 hours before we can get another Fastpass for another attraction. It would save much time if we can handle it wisely. However, I realized how to use it until 2pm while one attraction was closed(Raging Spirits). I didn`t know why it was closed too early(that`s strange!). I really had a great time enjoying Mermaid Lagoon Theater show and Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage so much.

But, it was during Christmas`s Eve :((, so it was so crowded. There was no space for us to breathe while lining into Journey to the Center of the Earth. We was lining for 3 hours underground before being able to enter it. That was so terrible, and I`d got a headache, but I could said it was the most interesting attraction I had entered, so it`d be worth waiting(you agree with me?). It is designed like the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008). I loved this movie crazily, so it would be nice to take a tour just like in a movie . I also loved Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull.

Time ran so fast, and we couldn`t manage all, it was the last hour to see, but there were Tower of Terror and Christmas Mickey Performance. We had to choose one between it. Christmas Performance is maybe more special cos there is only during Christmas season, so we decide to watch it, so what?…As we arrived the show, thousand of people were all there already,….damn. We had to stand outside to watch it, but (my height is not favorable)I couldn`t see it much. Swear! I won`t go to it again during  holiday season(weekend). I could enter only half of its attractions.

Also see: Disneyland… 🙂

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