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My First Night In The Old Small Titanic (Japan Sea)

Tonight I`d sleep in this ferry. My room was a 4-bed standard room (The cheapest one in the ferry I could find). I entered the room. It was just like a room of the hostel where we shared bed to each other. The room was small, and the gap of below and above beds was not high enough to sit in the bed without bowing. There was an old TV inside. I wondered who gonna be my roommates tonight. Just as I was thinking, there came a middle aged man. His name was Keiji. He was so friendly, I thought. He told me that it was his 4th time to sleep in this ferry. He introduced me where was the bathroom, toilet, where to put our valuable things when we go to the bath. It was just like we had known each other long long time ago although I just got to know him last minute. He said that I was his daughter age, but she was not smart like me. I smiled and thought myself. ” Is he admiring me? How can he know I am smart? We just met each other last moment. Or it is a the way he addresses the person he gets to know”. He told me that his daughter graduated and got a job, but because she didn’t like it, she stopped and now she entered a vocational school. I asked him of his daughter age. Surprisingly, he was right. I had the same age like her, but more than this, he and my father also had the same age, and they both got married at the same time. What a coincidence on earth!

” So you go to Busan for traveling?”, he started asking me. “Yes, I will go to Busan and then up to Seoul“, I answered him. “Your first time?” “Yes”, I replied to him. “That’s awesome. I really envy of you. I want to return back to a student like you and travel to abroad”, Keiji said to me. “Now I’m also on holiday”, he continued. “My company frequently has a holiday, and I searched very very cheap ticket here. Can you guess? It is just only 10,000¥(13o$) for return ticket including dinner and breakfast”, he said to me with a happy face. I love this face expression so much. It seemed like 80% of our conversation was his talking, but I really enjoyed this dialog. “But, this ticket is valid only for 2 nights 3days”, he continued. “What? for just only 2 nights 3 days? But we had to spend 2 nights in the ferry already?”, I asked him. ” Yeah, yes,… I can spend for only 3 or 4 hours in Busan, and the rest of the time is sleeping in this ferry.”, he told me. “Is it called a journey?”, I thought myself, but I could see his face answered me this doubt.

He told me that he wanted to go to Taiwan and Singapore. He had been to South Korea for many times, but it seemed like he never went to other countries beyond that. “You are still young, but you have been to many countries. What is your most favorite one?”, he asked me. “I don’t know. The most favorite one? Umm…. maybe Bangkok, Thailand“, I said to him. I didn’t know why I said Bangkok. Maybe that was because it was my first visit abroad, but I really enjoyed my time there so much. I hoped I could find that enjoyment again, but I’m not sure if I can get it although I go to Bangkok again.

“Akashikai Bridge, Akashikai Bridge, we are arriving Akashikai Bridge”, announcer said while we was talking. “Do you want to see it?”, Keiji asked. “Yes, of course”. It was really freezing outside, but I was wearing only one T-shirt and shorts. I kept smiling… while looking at Akashikai Bridge. ” I love this bridge so much. It is my 2nd time to see it.”, I said. Keiji looked at my face, and I continued, ” I went to Kobe 2 years ago with my friends during my summer holiday”. I showed my photo sitting in front of the bridge to him. “You want to take a photo with it again?”, Keiji said to me. “Yes, thanks”, ” I gonna take for you, too”…..

“Ah, it is freezing.” “Yes” “Now I’m so hungry”, Keiji said. “I love eating, you know… look, I bring food with me. You want it?”, he said smiling. ” No, thanks, I’m not hungry”, I replied (In fact, I’m starving much more than him, sign). He still gave me a pack of Senbei(Cookie), so I gave a candy back to him. ” I’m still hungry”, he said again. “But dinner is until 8:00. Now it is just 6:00”, I told him. I just said when suddenly a woman voice announced dinner had already been prepared. That was so fast than schedule . I didn’t know why, but we just didn’t care. You could imagine how we rushed to our dinner. “I gonna eat them all”, Keiji was kidding with me. “Me, too”, I smiled and said.

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Songkran is coming: Where will you get wet?


All over Thailand, Songkran revelers pile into the backs of pickup trucks and ride through the streets armed with water guns, buckets and barrels of water.

The Thai new year — a k a Songkran — kicks off next week, from April 13-16, plunging the country into all-out chaos that includes four days of water fights and non-stop partying.

In Bangkok, the biggest Songkran parties swamp Silom Road, RCA and Khao San Road, though splashing and festivities take place on any given road in the city.

Visitors can head to any Bangkok temple to witness the non-chaotic, traditional side of Songkran celebrations.

What is it?

Songkran, Thailand’s most popular festival, marks the beginning of the new solar year and the summer season in Thailand.

This year it officially starts on April 13 (though some cities start celebrating a couple of days earlier) and lasts between three and five days, depending on location.

Traditionally, families and friends celebrate Songkran by visiting temples and splashing water on each other as a wish for a year filled with good luck.

Over the years, the holiday has evolved into a nationwide water fight and a fantastic reason to travel and party. Book ahead before you hit the road though, as buses/trains/hotels are packed with both Thai and international travelers over the Songkran period.

Where to celebrate

Songkran. The only time of year when it’s perfectly acceptable to pick on someone smaller than you.

Residents in some Thai towns splash water in the streets for just one day, which is picked by local officials. Check before you travel.

Other towns extend the holiday into a full week of ceremonies, water fights, concerts and other festivities.

Here are three of the many big festivals around Thailand that provide a dose of both watery chaos and traditional culture.

Songkran Festival, Chiang Mai, April 12-15, 2012

Chiang Mai is the wildest place to celebrate Songkran in Thailand. Festivities begin with an opening ceremony that includes a colorful procession around Chiang Mai city.

Visitors and locals pour scented water on a Buddha image and on elders.

You can check out traditional Lanna cultural performances and join in massive water fights that take place on just about every street.

Things get crazy at night, with celebrations continuing well into the morning.

One of the biggest parties comes courtesy of Chiang Mai’s Club Martini, which hosts three nights of Thai and international DJs manning the decks for its Songkran celebrations.

Old City Songkran Festival, Ayutthaya, April 13, 2012

In Ayutthaya, elephants take part in the battle. Just like in the old days.

This year, Songkran festivities in the ancient capital of Ayutthaya will be celebrated around the island city and ancient moat of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya.

The festival focuses on the ancient customs and traditions of Songkran that have been observed through the centuries.

Visitors can join residents in traditional Songkran merit-making activities to seek blessings for the New Year.

Ayutthaya is also famous for its elephant corral. If you don’t mind getting drenched with water mixed with a bit of pachyderm snot, join the elephants and their mahouts for some Songkran battle action.

Other popular Thai new year highlights in Ayutthaya include the Miss Songkran beauty contest and the Grand Songkran procession.

Si Satchanalai Songkran Festival, Sukhothai, April 13-15, 2012

Residents of the historic town of Sukhothai celebrate Songkran in the traditional Thai way at Traphang Thong temple in front of the Sukhothai Historical Park.

There’s a traditional market in the town square, sand-pagoda building contest, Songkran beauty contest and ancient cart procession.

Most people will be dressed in traditional Thai costumes.

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