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New window to view the WORLD around you.

Do you think people are changing?

Hahaa… I have no idea why I love photos right now. I never liked taking photograph before, and I used to think an old small camera with me was always enough as long as I could see what is in the photo. Ah…(smile) man is changing. I was inspired and changed by my blog fellows. Only 1 month after I wrote blog, I completely changed my mind. I told myself I would buy a new big camera.

Help me!!! This month I’m totally broke… gonna do a diet again! Oh my cup noodle, you are my best friend, hahaa…. 🙂


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No, that’s not a failure, but I just haven’t found a success yet.

Maybe I should face it now.

I had known since the first that I couldn’t do it.

One night and one night, it just kept me thinking… and let me down.

“You won’t know the real meaning of life if you don’t face it. Life is different. But, what is different, makes it interesting.”, I just told myself, but is it so? I hope I can find ones telling me that it’s true.

Now I knew the result. Yeah, it was like what I had expected. It was clear… At least, I needn’t keep thinking it anymore; it’ s clear even in my head now, and it’s also telling me what to do next. I won’t lose you, guy.  I won’t lose you.

I see a phrase on my mouth pad everyday, ” Failure is not to fall down; it is to remain there when you have fallen”. Now I got it. Thanks for your words.

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1 day of writing the blog

It was just a start of the journey of writing the blog. He spent 1 whole night trying to understand how to write it, and finished with 2 unfinished posts about quotes. Guess what? He told me there was someone liking these 2 posts of his blog (AMSDaily) . That`s unbelievable (to me). It was too early to even think, but he seems to be happy so much. He or her(liker) gives him encouragement to continue this journey. He will try more, and he will spend this whole night again to understand about blog. (whole night, not whole day) Sleeping during day but being active during night!! It might have been bad 20 or 30 years ago, but now it is popular among youth(I guess so, and I guess he won`t be a strange one to do it during the weekend).

Thank you for liking! I hope he can get more experience about the blog world, and meet more people here(^_^)!!

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