If you give a little love,

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Don’t Stop!!

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What doesn’t Kill YOU


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The Pendulum:If I can stop the time.

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This and That is Life

It might help you somehow. Just release yourself…

Time to improve, time to renew cos this and that is life.

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Life Is Like A Cup of Coffee

Inspirational Video Movie
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I have just read one nice blog about imagine. It taught me so much. It said we should dream to live in it. I totally agree… Let’s imagine that we stay in a warm house decorated with a Christmas tree and presents, in front of us lies a lot of delicious food although now we are staying outside selling match under the snow(Yeah, it’s based on the story of  The Little Match Girl), how amazing it is. Although the little girl was found death in the next morning due to freezing, but the author makes it clear she was gone with her smile. She lived in her dream. The present situation cannot reflect our dream. We cannot control what happen to us tomorrow, but we can control our dream as long as we are willing to.

Imagine is no limit. All of us have rights to dream about anything we are eager to, so why don’t try it? Maybe we can live with smile, and that’s the meaning of life.

It reminds me of “Imagine” by John Lennon, one of my favorite songs.

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HOME has been made for us. We need to understand and love it. Only us can preserve it.

It’s worth watching. I would recommend you to watch it.

A great discovery video about Earth.

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