New window to view the WORLD around you.

Do you think people are changing?

Hahaa… I have no idea why I love photos right now. I never liked taking photograph before, and I used to think an old small camera with me was always enough as long as I could see what is in the photo. Ah…(smile) man is changing. I was inspired and changed by my blog fellows. Only 1 month after I wrote blog, I completely changed my mind. I told myself I would buy a new big camera.

Help me!!! This month I’m totally broke… gonna do a diet again! Oh my cup noodle, you are my best friend, hahaa…. 🙂


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20 thoughts on “New window to view the WORLD around you.

  1. Buy a second hand Nikon D2x

  2. Congrats on your purchase! =)

  3. I like the last line you wrote. Hahahahahah! Diet:p

  4. ooh… thinking the exact same thing.

  5. stanzebla

    I envy you. Nice camera you got now. 🙂 Thanks for the visit and like on my blog.

    • No, you’re welcome. I’m happy to have it, but I still don’t know how to use it yet, haha….

  6. Haha…now that is funny! I hope your diet still consists of the nutritious things you need. Well, at least you have an awesome camera 🙂 I was going to buy another camera some months ago but didn’t because I thought it was too expensive, especially for what came with it. Maybe I’ll get one some other time. Until then, my little fuji will have to do…hehe 😀

    • Ah, yes, my body told me that he can stand with noodle for 1 month. I also don’t want to make him thin, but I care about him; he is gaining weight recently, hahaa… If you buy a new camera, don’t go on diet like him…hehe… 🙂

  7. Cro-Magnolia

    Hmm, I thought I was already following. Yes, convenience is nice but the ability to get a great photo outweighs that. When I still had access to a darkroom, I used to carry three cameras when I went shooting, one digital, two film. Not too convenient when you’re scrambling over boulders. Congratulations on your new tool.

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