The idea behind it…

I love the whole world!!! 🙂

An Adventure Daily

Great ideas come at the strangest moments. They are never on time, they are not convenient, and they usually come hand-in-hand with some form of time-limit. But when an idea finally makes itself known it can create beautiful and amazing things.

In my daily life I am training to be an idea maker. A person who can be called upon when no one else can think of anything. Someone with new takes on old products, and a passion for what lies ahead. However, what I am learning is that being an idea maker means finding inspiration in places you wouldn’t normally look. Or at least in places I wouldn’t normally look. Lately, I have been challenging myself to try things I have never done before. I want to turn what has been a systematic lifestyle, into one that keeps every day exciting. I have laid out 25 different things I…

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2 thoughts on “The idea behind it…

  1. Bob W Cain

    I love the whole world too … it’s the people living on it that are the problem … Ha! Ha!

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