Another Joyful Day With Kids

We decided to spend one whole morning with primary school students during our holiday, but it would be good if we could have something to share with them. We had decided to teach them about the movement of sound and we would do experiment together. Now let’s start with the question. Do you know what is necessary to convey sound? That’s the question we asked them. The multiple choice would be given (1. magnet, 2. light, 3. air). Can you answer which is the right option? Heh, you would be shame if you choose the wrong one because almost all our 2nd grade students could answer it. They are so smart and funny. They shared me smile a whole morning. They just made my day. They reminded me garbage picking children in Cambodia I used to volunteer to teach English. They are the same, strong, healthy, smart, funny, and cute.

We had to teach 4 classes, and each class took 45 min (one session time in Primary school). We could have only 5 min break from each class. More than expected, we could handle it very well. Everyone enjoyed it, and at the end of the class we told them now it was a break time,… you know they said, “No, no,… I don’t want to end”. Guess, they did enjoyed our class. Me. too(^^)/!

During lunch break, we were divided into four classes to have lunch with them. As I entered the class, they ran to me asking me a lot of questions. One who have American father said he wanted to talk English with me. He seemed to be a little isolated from others, I felt. You would be surprised to hear their questions. I really couldn’t finish my lunch because they just kept asking me….interesting. “Are you from space?” They asked. ” No, I don’t come from space”,” So you are from the earth?”. ” No, not either”, I answered them. ” I’m from the moon”. They laughed…and asked more. “So how big is the moon?” “Oh! it’s… (I’m thinking)…. it’s my head size” I told them while illustrating them the size of the moon. They just kept laughing… and laughing. One said cutely,”Needn’t to ask how size of it, don’t you see at night….it is small”. They said they wanted to go to the moon. They also asked if I knew moon language, how to live them if the moon is too small to stand on,… can space people speak Japanese?

Then, “You have a girlfriend?”, one asked. “No,….”, I smiled and said. I just predicted they would continue like,”You tell a lie,… I don’t believe you”, but actually they didn’t say it to me(disappointed!!). They love playing pop rock-paper-scissors. “We are good at it”, they told me. I found I couldn’t win them cos you know,.. if they put scissors; Me- rock, they would change to paper. I followed them I changed to scissors cut their paper,…and then they put rock,…we just repeated it again and again, but we loved doing it.

Time was short while spending with them. I receive one rose and dog paper from them when I said to goodbye. They are cute,…I love them. Here they are…


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