Snow in Spring

When I got up, opened my window’s curtains, snow was already my handbreadth high. Severe snow falling such a time is strange, but I love it. You might have the same feeling as I do; the feeling you can touch when seeing the falling snow from your window with all the houses’ roof piled in snow. Everywhere is in white. I like seeing snow on tree. Snow becomes its leaves, its flowers, its branches… That’s so beautiful.

Today is my last day in school. My last day I had to get up early in the morning. From tomorrow my spring holiday comes… (Thank god, I can survive one more year!).

It’s maybe also my last day I saw snow this year. See you again next year in winter. Thank you for giving me a gift today.


Photo from my window…


You also love seeing it, don’t you? Snow on tree!!! I see it as flowers, leaves,….




Stay alone in snow… Look so lonely, but don’t give up. Don’t lose the coldness, you will see the sun tomorrow(I already saw the weather forcast). Yeah, it’s a good news from you,…but not me.


Wow, you are not alone… Everyone looks the same.


Our drivers,…good luck!



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