Malaysia in Photos

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6 thoughts on “Malaysia in Photos

  1. This is in Putrajaya right? I’ve never been there although I’ve visited KL already… Anyway, beautiful shots you got here. I will make sure that I will add this place in my itinerary for my KL trip this May… And also, it is good that it wasn’t raining anymore when you got there 🙂

    • Thanks so much. That’s right. Some photos were shot in Putrajaya and Holland Village. Putrajaya have good view with new government buildings. I heard that capital of Malaysia can be moved to Putrajaya, but I’m not sure. I was surprised when I went to Holland village cos first I had thought it is in Singapore…. but in fact, it is in Malaysia.

      • I learned from our tour guide before that Putrajaya is the seat of the government, and a lot of government buildings are located there… I also love the free housing for the Malaysian Government employees… I’ve seen it from afar since you will be able to see it or the road going there when you came from the airport– and I really wanna go there too…

    • Yannah, you will go there again in May…. Wow, it’s great. Your holiday is in May, right? May you have a good time there!!

      • Yup, my holiday will be by April and May; and I have a lot of trips booked already so I’m really excited to have my vacation after a painstaking school term 🙂

      • Yeah, I can see your many guide books by your previous posts. You really have a good plan about your vacation. ^^

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