Kuala Lumpur In Sun

After having lunch on the Genting Highlands, we went forward to Kuala Lumpur, the beautiful city with Twin Towers. Twin towers can be the reason we were in Malaysia, but in fact, there are many places we can enjoy rather than these 2 marvelous towers. First, we drove to Batu Caves, where Statue of hindu god Muragan exists. This statue is the tallest of Hindu structure in Malaysia, and 2nd in the world after Kailashnath Mahadev statue in Nepal.

Do you think this statue is man or woman?

Batu Caves

Time wasn’t enough here because everyone wait for me at the bottom… We needed to be hurry to go to Twin Towers.

(Sign!!)The weather was still bad. I could only see my favorite towers in gray.

View from my bus window

View from the bottom of the towers

We weren’t satisfied with its view so much, so we decided to come again in the next morning. Thank god, I could see the sun in Kuala lumpur.

At least, Kuala Lumpur didn’t make me disappointed as I was in Singapore…

(That’s a joke): It is said the one of tower was constructed by Japan while one was by South korea. (sure, no one laughs with such a joke…)

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3 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur In Sun

  1. I’ve been here too… have you seen some monkeys? The monkeys are really funny and naughty! when we got there, a child carrying a bag of banana was walking when suddenly a monkey appeared and grabbed his bag of banana! hahaha, the child ran to his father… hahaha! They are really naughty! And by the way, I laughed in your joke! hahahaha!!

  2. I guess you like laughing, and that’s why you laughed with such a joke. I didn’t laugh at all. Yeah, I saw monkeys there a lot on the stair up to the cave. I also love them… but my time was short.

  3. slanteyes suck

    “Do you think this statue is man or woman?”

    It’s a man – Shiva – you dumb fucking chink

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