Genting Malaysia

As we arrived in Malaysia, we directly went to the Genting Highlands. we spent 1 night there. The weather wasn’t good much( or we can say it was so terrible), most of the time was raining and we sat in the bus seeing view of the top of Twin towers on the way to the highland.

It would be advisable to put your luggage in locker before going up the Genting highland and bring only 1 piece of clothes for changing and necessary things for 1 day or 2 based on your stay there. Lockers are quite cheap; it cost me only few MYR. We went up the highland by cable car. It took us between about 20 and 30 mn to reach the top( yeah, it is so long). You can enjoy the view of the green under and relax with its speed, but actually, the weather wasn’t favorable for us, so we could only enjoy the gray view with fog:D. It reminded me of going skiing last year when I was riding on the cable car to the top under a big snow. Guess, my cable car was stopped a few minutes and I couldn’t see anything ahead. I was so afraid because I just thought of one US movie about Monsters in fog.

As we reached the top, we could see a lot of hotels. There might be around 7 hotels there, and our hotel was colored like rainbow(not the one below).

We really enjoyed our dinner buffet (or maybe we were hungry already??? πŸ™‚ ) It looks like a Chinese restaurant. It might be served for customers who going to casino under. There is only 1 casino in Malaysia, and that one is here. It’s quite small. You know ones wearing T-shirt without collar are not allowed to enter the casino(that’s the rule). Wow, I only brought T-shirt there…

I just pretended knowing nothing and walking into it, (yey, one said anything to me)… Maybe the rule isn’t strict much, I guess.

There are inside theme park and outside theme park. The inside one is much for children, so it didn’t attract me much, but we still could do nothing with the outside theme park(yeah, cos of the weather again). I could only took photo of my beautiful gray view in fog again. What’s a nice day to me… The weather couldn’t defeat my enjoyment, I guess.

Look at her eyes…

My hotel was the one in rainbow color.

Hello, my dinosaur. He looks like to me, my friends said that. That must be a joke (hahaa..) or it is the truth? 😦

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2 thoughts on “Genting Malaysia

  1. I’ve been to Malaysia but I’ve never been to Genting!!! So sad!! 😦

    • Oh yeah, that’s so sad… But if you go next time, maybe you mustn’t go during rainy season; otherwise, we will enjoy only gray landscape as I did.

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