I want to live not to die

That’s so funny… I just found it. The one who made it is great.

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15 thoughts on “I want to live not to die

  1. Thanks for stopping by midlifedreaming. Love this, know just who I need to show it too!

    • Haha…. I see. You’re gonna show it to your beloved one, am I right? 🙂

      • lol, gonna show it to someone I met in Costa Rica who is destroying her new implants! Thanks for posting it!

      • You’re welcome. Sure, he’s gonna love it, too(smile).

  2. A strong and to the point message. Unfortunately it seems too often it goes unheeded. So sad when you have a choice. Many do not. Thank you for your blog. Virginia

    • Virginia, you’re welcome 🙂
      That’s a nature that everyone is afraid of death, but some of them are still walking towards it.

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  4. Glad I stopped 😉

  5. mahi

    What I felt in my heart, that image shows here….

  6. I remember when cigarettes were referred to as coffin nails & cancer sticks.
    Thanks for stopping by my Post today!

  7. no one

    I think i just need to vent, I cant believe i am thinking of dying. i dont think i can do it luckily, my suffering is just so bad. so many thoughts and i cant put into words. I feel i am going to die anyway, why not get it overwith and put my fears to rest. why is life to bad and complicated?

  8. Rimbaud

    I smoke and really, i care littlel if i die because of tobacco, for i have tasted its finite greatness, the calm and the gaze of death itself. So to hell with the world… I’ve seen way too many people who died at very young ages and who had lived more than elders.

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