Boarding Time!

We took a night bus to Nagano Pref, about 260 km west from Tokyo.

We arrived there at about 6:oo a.m.

Then we took a van to the mountain. Everyone was waiting for me…. Guess, I was stuck in the toilet after a night bus trip. I rushed after an announcer calling my name as it was like in the supermarket when parents asking to find out their kid… Yeah, I’m their kid. 🙂

We called our van ” Refrigerator”. We were carried by a refrigerator(hahaa…….). The inside temperature was colder than the outside(Maybe they don’t have heater inside, or it was broke, haha…). The sound of our refrigerator’s glasses was buzzing!

Luckily, the weather was clear with mild snow. We could see the sun this time! Better than last year ( We were snowboarding under terribly big snow).

The view of our ski slope from the top (it is a beginner course)! Isn’t it beautiful, is it?

An handsome guy when he was slipping… Great Shot! I like seeing this.

Luckily, they couldn’t take a photo of mine (Telling you the truth, I was worse than this:) ).

A Second Day

We were all tired, and I didn’t think my bottom and hands could stand with this hard ice anymore (it’s a little bit soft, but when it is over your limit, you’ll think it’s ice, NOT SNOW anymore), so we decided to walk around and took photos only.

Beautiful flowers under the snow!

We were eating ice. 🙂  That’s free….

We made it… Yeah!

Sleeping under snow… RIP (a message from my friends)

Love it…..

That was an awesome moment…

Thanks to our cameraman (SENG CESAR) for his good shots!

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2 thoughts on “Boarding Time!

  1. Looks like you guys had great fun!!

    • Yes, it was the great time we spent during our winter holiday. I go skiing every year, but this year was the best.

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