Singapore! You are hiding from me…

When talking about Singapore, we may first think of Merlion. Here it is.

But, when I arrived there last year, I saw it like this…

Ohh… Singapore, you are so mean to me! How unlucky I am!

My guide told me that Merlion was relocated from its original statue. In the late of 1990 and early 2000, Singapore’s economic was slow down (maybe the result of Asian financial crisis in 1997?). Therefore, Singapore government  found a fortuneteller to foretell about the reason. It was said that there was a block of a face of Singapore. Actually, it was at the same time that Esplanade Bridge was completed. This bridge blocked the views of the Merlion from the Marina Bay waterfront, so Merlion couldn’t see the sea. The government decided to relocate it to the present location. After that, its economic growth started recovering sharply again.

I didn’t know whether what my guide told me was the real reason of its relocation or not, but it sounded so interesting to me.

There are 5 official Merlions statues in Singapore. 2 of them are located at Merlion Park. A 3rd Merlion is 37 metres high and is found on Sentosa island. The 4th Merlion is located at the headquarters of the Singapore Tourism Board at 1 Orchard Spring Lane. The 5th Merlion is located at Mount Faber. ( What’s a pity! I couldn’t see the main one).

My guide also told me that the main one, spouting water from its mouth, is the mother; the 37m-high Merlion is the father while the others are their children. ( I guess, my guide liked kidding with us).

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3 thoughts on “Singapore! You are hiding from me…

  1. We pretty much appreciate your blog post. There are actually so many tactics we could put it to great use with the help of little or no effort with time and hard earned money. Thank you so much with regard to helping make this post answer many questions we have encountered before now.

  2. Ah, hahaha. I liked the joke of the guide! 🙂

    You’re lucky, I haven’t been to Singapore, despite its little proximity to my home country. But yeah, I’ll definitely visit it one day..

    Subhan Zein

    • Really? You found my guide funny. Thanks so much. I gonna visit it again in next 2 week. So happy to wait for that time to come. You can visit anytime you’re free, and you can ask me for information if I do have any questions. I’m always welcome. 🙂

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