Disneyland… :)

After spending a happy time at Disneysea, I started thinking of going to Disneyland during my break after the exams. I planned to backpack abroad alone in Spring holiday( :)take a advantageous journey I wished since I was young), so I decided not to ask any friends to go with me. I just wanted to learn how to get fun although I was alone, played alone. All of my friends said to me it was so lonely(I think so), how I could go there alone. I just smiled, actually.

Disneyland is similar to Disneysea, of course, but I prefer Disneysea more. Maybe I had been to Disneysea first, and I saw most things already there, and that`s why I wasn’t surprised anymore when I went to Disneyland. The dance show of disney movie’s character was so amazing! I knew all of its character (since I’m a fan of disney animate movie, lolz). I enjoyed most of its attractions except Captain EO performed by michael jackson. I thought the video was too old(Maybe since 20 or can 30 years ago,…hahaha(Just kidding)). Mickey’s Philhar Magic was the best. It was about a short 4D video of 5 or 6 disney movies’ characters. Also, Its Haunted Mansion was really cute. Nothing was frightening; I loved its ghosts so much, lol…. I also loved It’s A Small World, loved its music.

But, Space Mountain is a tour to a space and should be a place enjoy seeing stars, galaxies, but surprisingly, it was a speed roller coaster. I couldn’t see anything…. it was too fast to see, I guess (But most of the time I closed my eyes).

Conclusion: Yeah, I believed I could enjoy my day although traveling alone… Waiting for my backpacking to East Asia (alone)! :p

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4 thoughts on “Disneyland… :)

  1. Wow, “Waiting for my backpacking to East Asia (alone)!” I adore people who tried solo-traveling. I’m still a coward to do so… I love traveling but I still don’t have the brave heart to go solo 😦 But I really wish that I can be brave enough to travel alone, especially abroad.

    • It will also become my 1st time experience of life. I’m not sure yet whether I can do it successfully or not, but I think I should do. I really enjoyed reading your article about Philippine, and I hope I can have a good time there. I will go to Cebu for 4 days next month(it is a very short time, but I think I can have an unforgettable moment there). Loving Philippine beach!

  2. Hello Chhunc,
    Congratulations on your decision to try solo travel. You certainly will have adventures and probably will enjoy some very pleasant experiences. If you get to Chicago in the USA, let me know. I’ll show you around.

    • Hello,
      Yes, I did my solo travel for 1 month to mostly East Asia countries last month. I really enjoyed this journey so much. I used to think that it sounded impossible even imagining, but now I could do it. I love it, I learned every time I made new friends from one country to another. Thanks so much for your kindness. 🙂

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