1 day of writing the blog

It was just a start of the journey of writing the blog. He spent 1 whole night trying to understand how to write it, and finished with 2 unfinished posts about quotes. Guess what? He told me there was someone liking these 2 posts of his blog (AMSDaily) . That`s unbelievable (to me). It was too early to even think, but he seems to be happy so much. He or her(liker) gives him encouragement to continue this journey. He will try more, and he will spend this whole night again to understand about blog. (whole night, not whole day) Sleeping during day but being active during night!! It might have been bad 20 or 30 years ago, but now it is popular among youth(I guess so, and I guess he won`t be a strange one to do it during the weekend).

Thank you for liking! I hope he can get more experience about the blog world, and meet more people here(^_^)!!

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